Accordian Drummer Vocalist

Some say she is the balancing force of the band with her proven skill at playing both sides off of the middle. Her original songs and creative rendering of covers is the musical glue holding the project together. A hard worker and a perfectionist, "la accordiaonista" is not afraid to let her parts be simple so the song can speak. However, when the time comes for her to shine... does she ever!
Some of her musical Influences are:
Celso Pina, Queen Ida, Boozoo Chavis, Clifton Chenier, The Accordions of the World CS, Clyde Forsman of Those Darn Accordions, The Tiger Lillies, THe Pogues, Calexico, Mano Negra, El Gran Silencio, Astor Piazzolla, The Alexian Group
What she says about the band
"I wish they would agree to wearing clown makeup."